We specialise in people who struggle to stick to a weight-loss plan and have had dramatic sustainable results with our clients.

We also love helping people get to their sporting aims whether it be their first 5k or competing for Great Britain at Triathlon!

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and I’ve learnt to overcome the same issues you have. Let’s tackle this together….

I’m not your typical muscle-bound trainer who hasn’t been overweight. I’ve lived unhealthily and learned through experimentation and sheer determinedness to figure it out how to change.

I spent 25 years battling with weight. Going up to 16.5 stone and 42 jeans, then back down to 12.5 stone when I competed in the World Age-Group Triathlon competition in New Zealand.

I then ‘took my foot off the gas’ and went to 14 stone. I’ve tried every diet out there including WeightWatchers, Slimming World, DietChef, etc.

These all work if you follow their advice and I really like them however they miss one key element……

Whenever I did these diets I felt I was suppressing hunger and was always hungry. I crucially got quite down as well.

This led to me going into a binge/crash cycle which is not good for your physical and mental health.

I thought there has to be a better way….

I’ve developed a method that teaches you how to learn how stick to the plan and get into ‘the zone’.

I now sleep 8 hours per night without being disturbed.

I’m down to a healthy 13 stones (82 kg), for my height.

I’m never hungry and binging on garbage.

I can train without constantly downing gels and other sugar-fuelled junk!

I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer, including in nutrition and a qualified Human Potential Coach.