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Hi, I’m Darren Pyefinch, a Personal Trainer and Certified Bulletproof Coach.

I help people get into shape in the gym using the latest scientific techniques. More importantly, you’ll feel great and have a good time.

I’ve included a case study of one of my clients, who is happy for me to use her story. I don’t airbrush the process and show you exactly what happened.

You’ll notice that fat loss isn’t an exact science but it’s important you measure it accurately.

I hope you like her story and I’d love to work with you too.



Colette contacted me looking to get into shape and lose some weight.

She booked a 1 hour taster session for £45 which includes a Phase Angle test and some personal training.

The test is really easy where you lie down for a minute with clips on your hands and feet like below.



The results of the test indicated she had 12 kg of fat to lose to get back to normal levels, Chronic Inflammation, HPA Axis Flat Low, Bone and Muscle both normal, IMAT 2.8.

We agreed a 24 week plan to reduce the fat back to normal levels.

Plans that promise quicker reduction times are not realistic because the NHS guidelines are to lose an average of 0.5kg per week (12kg * 0.5 = 24 weeks)



The exercise consisted of HiiT cycling, boxing, weights, core exercises and sprinting.

Her nutrition was monitored daily.


What happened?

As you can see from the figures in the chart she has lost 8kg in weight so far, only 4kg to go.

The important thing to note is the fat loss. This is a massive 7kg (1 stone). The muscle and bone dropped initially which is normal. This then stabilised and proportionally is really good.

Colette remarked

‘I’m never hungry any more and feel great. I can get into dresses that I hadn’t been able to in years!’

Also, her IMAT (internal muscle fat) has reduced from 2.8 to 2.6. This is a big step in the right direction. Over 2.9 is a strong indicator that Type 2 diabetes is close.


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Body Testing

Biotekna Body Analysis test

Biotekna Body Analysis Test – Taking away the barriers.

Are you wanting to improve your Health, yet struggling to do any of these; lose weight, keep your fat down, or gain muscle? Perhaps you may also be feeling tired a lot of the time? Have you followed calorie-restricted diets in the past, yet they either haven’t worked or you quickly returned to your old weight levels?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these then, a simple Biotekna Body Analysis test can help you.

The reasons why you are having a challenge achieving your health goals is usually because of massive imbalances in your body, such as inflammation, dehydration and mineral imbalances. Any of these imbalances can severely restrict your progress you are seeking and you aren’t even aware these imbalances are working against you, 24/7!

There is a solution to recognise any barriers you have through a simple, cost-effective, unintrusive test that is conducted with nodes connected to your hands and feet. This test is called a Biotekna Body Analysis test.Biotekna Body Analysis test helps with body fat What’s even better, is this test will also provide you with an accurate measurement of your body fat composition, bone density, muscle mass and so much more.

This Biotekna Body Analysis test will give you all the information we need to accurately understand your true starting point with your health and any imbalances we need to address to remove these barriers for a better health.

I spent many years having weight problems going up and down. I also struggled with aches, pains, and eventually depression.

Despite this, I performed regularly for amateur Great Britain Age group triathlon exercising 15-20 hours a week – yet my weight went up??

Through years of trial and error I eventually figured out a couple of key points:

  1. I was suffering from Chronic Inflammation and this is often the real reason most people can’t lose weight.
  2. Our DNA, gut and blood are all different, which means we need a personalised approach to give ourselves the best way to achieve our health goals.

There are so many conflicting diets and so much contrary advice that it is bewildering which one to follow. These all offer us a ‘One diet, suits all’ type mentality, however, ‘One Diet doesn’t suit all’ and we each will have a unique response to any diet and exercise that needs monitoring and managing.

What I have done to help myself, and now hundreds of other people, is to offer testing services to figure out what is really going on in your body.

I spent years testing blue-chip company’s software and have applied the same rigour and scientific approach to the human body.

I am a personal trainer and I use a series of tests including the Biotekna Body Analysis test and Heart Rate Variability test to measure your inflammation and autonomic nervous system. I also work with Functional Medical Practitioners who provide professional dietary/supplementation advice bespoke to your body.

This test will tell you your actual body fat measurements including so-called ‘bad fat’ and mineral levels. It will also tell you if your bone density is low.

Table 1:

This shows TBW (Total Body Water) if you are less than 50 then you are dehydrated. This is a key reason why you can’t lose fat.

FM (Fat Mass) over 25% for men and 30% for women is problematic and needs to be back within normal ranges.

BMR is your actual metabolic rate.

HPA Axis shows how well your body is in sync with circadian rhythms. Greater than 3.5 indicates your body is producing the optimal amount of cortisol. Too high or too low will affect your ability to sleep correctly and subsequent health/fat issues.

Table 1.

Biotekna Body Analysis test

Risk factors that need addressing.

Chronic inflammation that is too high causes disease such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more serious cardio/metabolic syndromes.

Low bone density can eventually lead to osteoporosis (brittle bone disease)

Calorie restricted diets can lead to this if not carefully managed.

TBK (Potassium). If this is low it indicates insulin resistance. This is the inability of your body to produce enough insulin to move the blood sugar to your cells. If you have blood sugar hanging around for too long it can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes and nerve damage as well as the dreaded muffin top/moobs/fat gain.

For my Personal Training clients, Weekly testing, allows us to best manage changes and shows progression. However ‘Everyone’ should have this test done at the beginning of changes they want to make to their health, so they know their starting pointing and the best way to achieve their health goals.

Once you have started your new programme, we recommend testing monthly (Quarterly at the very maximum)

In this diagram above my client saw the Weight drop, Fat mass drop from 19.6 to 16.7 (2.9 kgs of pure fat, the size of a football!!)

Biotekna Body Analysis test Report

The test involves the following:

  1. No food, drink or exercise for 2 hours before the test.
  2. Take your current weight and height
  3. Lie down whilst I put silver electrodes on your hands and feet (remain clothed)
  4. Run the test (you won’t feel a thing it is in tiny electrical millivolts). The test takes less than 5 minutes
  5. I analyse the results, give you a full report and offer recommendations.

Would you like a Body Performance test to empower you to take back control of your health goals?

You can have this test done, complete with a full report, and debrief with myself Darren Pyefinch for £35

The test, report and debrief with Darren will take no more than 30 minutes.

To book this test, simply click on this link, then choose ‘Book NOW’ then choose ‘Total Body Performance Test’. Only £35.

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How to run faster – (by running slower) ??

October is a great time to look at your plan for next year. What do you want to achieve?

A marathon, a faster 10k?

To get the consistent training you need to do 3 types of runs in your week.

Last time we covered your 1st key run of the week: interval training

The 2nd out of 3 types of runs is your long run.

This time of year do 80% of your running in this format.

Here’s one I did earlier today to illustrate what you need to do. When I ran this it felt really slow.

  1. Work out your max heart rate (MHR) – see last post I did for this method.
  2. Work out 55-70% of your MHR. My MHR is 185 so my range is 101-130.
  3.  Start running and stay within this HR zone. It’s gonna feel so slow – don’t worry this is normal. Don’t be tempted to go slightly faster. This is called the junk miles zone and you will access a different energy system. You want to stay in the aerobic zone. This builds your ‘diesel engine’ so next year you can run and run and run.
  4. Do one of these a week building up 10 mins a week. Don’t miss this. I used to a lot and it held back my training so don’t do it…
  5. Enjoy the run and golden leaves. Practice breathing in for 4 and out for 7  every 10 minutes. It clears your mind and allows you to access the Alpha state (flow state). This mythical state is where everything feels effortless. You can, with time, access this on demand. The Beta state is where you are thinking about the ‘problems’ in your life.


Are You Sabotaging Your Long Run by Running the Wrong Pace?

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How to run faster

How to get a faster time in your running

Hi, Here are some more tips on how to get a faster time in your running.

I would invite you to try a 400m intervals session once a week.

The purpose of this is to sharpen your speed up so you get used to running faster than you currently do.

Here are the steps

  1. Work out your max heart rate (MHR). I use a Garmin 910xt and a heart rate monitor. Loads of these 2nd hand on Ebay for £50.

Find a flat bit of pavement or ideally a track. Do a 5 min jog, then run as fast as you can for 4 mins starting slower and building to your max. My MHR is 185 bpm. See ref 1 below

  1. Work out 85% of your MHR. In my case, it’s 185 x 0.85 = 157
  2. Set your Garmin to custom intervals/then program this in

5 min warmup jog

400m at 85% MHR

2 min standing recovery

Repeat * 6

5 min cool down and static stretching

  1. Run and make sure you stay as close as you can to that 85% MHR during your intervals.

In the picture, you will see some green line peaks that look like shark’s teeth.  These are where I’ve done my 6 x 400m intervals.

They are my pace which averaged 3.30 min/k pace. My aim over the season will be to get that pace faster.

  1. Now you get out there and do it yourself. Let me know how you get on and if you like this please share this to your friends.


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How I competed for Great Britain Age Group triathlon (anyone can do it – you just have to take action)

One of the proudest moments of my life has been competing for Great Britain 4 times. It may not be at the elite level, like Alistair Brownlee or Mo Farah, but it is still a very good standard that takes dedication to get there. The buzz is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

My life 10 years ago was very different. I was hugely overweight and very unhealthy. After collapsing at work and being raced to the hospital I decided to change…

I was trained by a triathlon coach who gave me the belief that I could compete at this level.

After a period of hard training, I finally qualified for the World Championships in New Zealand in 2012. I literally begged and borrowed to get the airfare and race fee from my good friends and I lined up in a field including some ex-professional footballers and other very fast guys.

The race ran like a dream and I beat a lot of really good athletes that day.

What did I learn?

If you put the hours in and commit to a dream it can come true despite your previous beliefs.

I subsequently competed in Spain, Holland and Austria in World and European championships.

During this whole period though, my health wasn’t great. I couldn’t work out what had gone on but just gone on with it.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts it is possible to get well again. This is why qualifying this time for Zofingen in Switzerland is probably my favourite achievement.

Who can I help?

People who want to achieve something out of the ordinary that they previously thought impossible. Whether it is an athletic achievement, to stop feeling fed up or a career change.

I have probably made every mistake in the book getting here so I’d like to help you.

I genuinely want to help people by showing them shortcuts and basic rules of health that are not commonly understood. Although I’ve got a great family and friends and I’m grateful for everything in my life, I’ve effectively wasted 10 years of my life, in terms of my health. The misdiagnosing of simple ‘hardware’ faults is quite shocking.

I hear so many people saying I wish I could lose weight or feel healthy but accept that it’s their genes or some other nonsense.

It’s nearly always not your genes and it’s probably not your ‘fault’. Quite often there are hardware issues going on with the body that needs addressing before you’ve got a hope of getting well or losing weight.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

You can follow how I get on here

Life Hacks

TMA – Take Massive Action!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket from a friend at Entrepreneurial Spark to see Tony Robbins last year. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he’s a huge American life guru-type guy. I went along to the Excel arena in London not quite knowing what to expect.

There were some really-interesting and inspirational speakers on before him, especially Andy Harrington, who really resonated with me because he loves public speaking. I do too now. More on that in another post…

Anyway, Tony comes on in a massive fanfare and I’m thinking maybe this isn’t for me. It seemed too showy but I thought I’d give it time.

He embarked on 3-hours of racing around the arena multiple times, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and generally coming across like a super-nice guy. He discussed all the main topics of life like energy, happiness, and being a good person.

I loved it because it felt like the feeling you get when you are at a concert seeing your fave band or in a full-on club. You completely lose yourself. It was nothing like I’d expected and felt completely genuine.

He urged all of us to speak to people who we’d been sat next to for the previous hour and find out about them, then hug them! To some of you reading this post, you may already be squirming… I would say 15% of the audience did too, which was very interesting. The energy in the room was electric and yet a lot of people didn’t want to engage.

He then proceeded to urge us to take this energy away back into our own lives. 3 things really stuck in my mind from this.



1. Get your health right before anything.

If you don’t, the rest simply won’t follow. He took cold showers in the morning to invigorate himself and worked hard on his physical health by exercising regularly. He must have done 10k just in the room that night! He urged people to move every 15 mins. Sort your nutrition out. Take control of your own biology.




2. Work on your energy and creativity.

Concentrate your life on things that contribute positively and drop the negative aspects that suck energy away.





3. Take massive action!!

Stop planning, thinking about, considering, hoping, maybe, should have, could have… and simply start Doing!! You will make plenty of mistakes in this process but don’t let that stop you.



I’ve done all of these and my health and life is measurably better than last year. I’ve done blood testing of key areas and they’ve improved hugely.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Somebody reading this may be sat in a career that they don’t enjoy, or feel lethargic, or feel overweight and generally lacking direction in life. Once you decide to take massive action and mean it, everything begins to fall into place. I’m not saying that it’s all plain sailing, there will be bumps in the road.

The mental prison we create for ourselves is simply an illusion and doors you wouldn’t expect to move, start opening for you.

If you want help from someone who is seeing things differently I can help as a coach and as a trainer.

How would you like to change your life?

Give me a call on 07872 615882 or book my time on my new website Darren Pyefinch PT

Life Hacks

I love pudding!

I love pudding, sweets, cake and crisps – there I’ve said it! I bet that’s the same for a lot of you too?



There’s nothing wrong with this, but when you are trying to get trim it’s a real pain.

**This is not an-anti pudding rant don’t worry!**

Here’s how I hacked puddings out of my life, apart from special occasions, when I still love them.



1. Find out why you eat them….

There’s lots of reasons why (especially because they really nice).

The real reason is probably to do with inflammatory foods. What the hell are they?

Everyone has different reactions to certain foods.

For example, some people really struggle with garlic. The active ingredients in garlic causes an inflammatory response.

Imagine a bee sting being an 8/10 pain on your body, the body releases hormones to remove the toxins from your body. This is completely natural.

Garlic and other inflammatory foods do this but on much lower response i.e. 1/10. This constant attack on your body though can cause yeast overgrowth in your gut causing cravings for carbs.




The best way to test this is to eat non-inflammatory foods for 2 weeks. These include stuff such as organic lamb/beef, green veg, pumpkin and blueberries.

Get used to the feeling of not having a pudding after your meals.

How does this feel?

Then re-introduce your other foods one by one in a controlled way. Test the response in your body. If you suddenly notice that you can’t walk past the cake shop an hour later then that food is probably to blame.



2.      Get in some replacements

Trying to go from eating many sugary, carby foods to clean eating is very, very difficult. I tried for years and couldn’t crack it.

Here’s what I did.

Get some 85% Green and Blacks or other similar dark chocolate.


Eat only 8 squares a day. This will allow you to detox from your daily sugar fix in a controlled way. I still eat 8 squares a day because it is really, high in polyphenols, which helps boost your mitochondrial function.

Mito – what? This is the energy source in your body.

Let me know how you get on with this and I’ll post your responses in my blog Darren Pyefinch PT

Life Hacks

Why have a Coach?

Firstly, what is a Coach?

I’m very lucky to be on the Bulletproof coaches training programme. I’m learning how to get better sleep, manage weight control, advise on the best supplements out there, to increase your energy and athletic performance.

Here’s the International Coach Federation (ICF) definition:

‘Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.’

As a person, you already have many of the answers and often need someone just to unlock them for you. Once those avenues are exhausted, it may then be the right time to offer up a hack or solution you weren’t aware of.

I just want someone to tell me what to do…

Do you really? This is a trainer – I’m also a qualified personal trainer.



A trainer has its place once coaching has occurred but how often do you respond when someone just tells you what to do?

You have to be ready to accept that training, otherwise most people simply don’t respond or ignore the advice.

Count up your New Year resolutions you’ve not really stuck to…



I just want to learn all of the life hacks you know… I want to lose weight, get my health back, feel full of energy and have a fulfilling career, familiar?

I heard a great quote from one of my coaches the other day.

“Coaching is the ultimate hack – it’s the framework through which other hacks are identified and can occur, and the skills are hacks in themselves” Ronit LeMon Drobey – Bulletproof Coach Trainer

The ultimate, aim of a good coach is to make you resourceful so that you can find out the answers yourself and are not wholly reliant, like in a trainer/client relationship.

You mean you’ve got a Coach?

Sure do, I had coaches at school, I’ve got a specialist weight training coach. I’ve had, in my opinion, the top 2 triathlon coaches in the country (Nick Dunn and Adam Gibson).

The stuff I’ve learnt from all of those guys, has massively influenced how I work.

I’ve been coached by Buddhist monks and life coaches…

Societies, since the dawn of time, had their shaman, priests and similar people who passed down knowledge from their forebears and also learnt from other cultures. Without coaches, this information will simply be lost.

Some of the lessons we are now learning are really just lost information we’ve either ignored or looking at in a new light.

Has modern medicine answered all of your problems? No, not for me either…

I’ve been hacking my life for a long time and it has paid massive dividends.

You want someone who has walked the walk rather than just read a lot of books.

Give me a call on 07872 615882 or go to Darren Pyefinch PT

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Hi, one of the first lessons you learn when testing software is that there are inputs into a system and expected outputs. For example; 2+3 in a calculator = 5

I used to think was that my health was the same. When you are trying to lose weight here’s the agreed equations:

1.      Good food into the body = no gut

2.      More exercise = fitter mind and body

Except these aren’t true for everyone… We are all different.

I ate good food but then was compelled to eat junk. I tried everything to stop it. Willpower, hypnosis, diets, everything. I then went into the classic binge/crash cycle.

I exercised like crazy. Competed for Great Britain Age Group triathlon 4 times. Beat some really, good athletes. Yet my gut wouldn’t go and worse, I felt absolutely, terrible. Constant headaches, feeling down, no energy. Then I piled all, of the weight back on!

This repeated and repeated.

There had to be a reason why this was happening.


Clearly this was Darwinian selection and I was doomed to be a middle-aged guy with a gut.

My genes were faulty 😪


Except I don’t like being told no by anyone…

I decided to investigate and hack my health.

After significant testing of my body ‘hardware’ and mind ‘software’. I figured out how to hack this system for good.


I now feel so good it’s unreal. My weight is at its natural level.

My gut and moobs have vanished and I feel like I did in my 20’s.

If you want to feel great again, I may be able to help you.

Don’t accept that age and/or your genes determine you should feel lousy any more. It just may be hackable!!


Check out my website and give me a call Darren Pyefinch PT

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Life Hacks

Moobs & Belly

OK let’s get to one of the key reasons why a lot of people exercise, it’s because most people just want to look and feel good. They want their jeans to fit with no muffin top showing, they may or may not want to look exactly like the inhabitants of Love Island, but most people want to at least look trim.

I think we can all agree, it’s a nice feeling when you’ve trimmed up, got yourself a bit of a tan and gone back into work looking and feeling good.

For some people this is simply a case of eating a bit healthier and it comes off easy, yeah? What about those people who can’t control it though…

Are they simply lazy and ill disciplined?

I’d argue that isn’t the case if they are prepared to sweat if off in the gym. Maybe something else is at work here….


Is their metabolism running too slow? Are they simply getting older?

Through personal experience over the past 10 years, I’ve tried many diets and exercises and the main thing I’ve learned, is that no two people are the same.

There are key methods that I employ that differ from your typical gym experience though, I apply the scientific rigour I learned as a software tester, that many of you as high achievers, expect.

Don’t get that disappointed look from your gym when you turn up, not looking great. Let your friends be astounded when you finally get that great body you’ve always wanted, with probably less time in the gym.



Let me help you shift the Moobs and Belly for good.

Give me a call on 07872 615882 or book my time on my new website Darren Pyefinch I’ve got so many hacks to get your time down.