I can’t believe I’m writing this post…

Ever since I was a kid I’ve vehemently hated butter or any other spread. My dad used to spread it so thick that it made me gag.

My hatred of it was so much that my uni mates used to secretly put loads of it in our shared pasta meals that we used to cook when I’d left the room…!! And then laugh their heads off when I ate it all down unsuspecting.

Fast forward to 2015 and here’s the scenario. I’m a successful GB age group triathlete going to 4 World and European championships who has a weight problem. I’d had this problem since 18 and my weight went up and down regardless of the training hours I put in a week.

It got that bad that whenever I went for a run I would walk around for the next few days like the tinman of Wizard of OZ. Also more worryingly my mood would go really down. I’d get massive headaches and generally feel terrible.

I searched high and low for a solution but none appeared until I discovered Bulletproof coffee…

Essentially you brew a cup of Bulletproof non-mouldy coffee then blend it with a matchbox size knob of butter and add Brain Octane oil. This sounds absolutely crazy I know but you know what it works!

My 5k runs are rapidly getting faster having lost 2.5 stones since last year, looking as a PT should, feeling better than I’ve ever felt.

I now cook meat and veg in grass-fed Kerrygold butter every day and feel awesome.

How does it work?

Essentially it removes the inflammation from your body. All of the headaches, moodiness, and robot-walking were down to inflammation. I now eat a non-inflammatory diet and my running is on fire again. I reckon within 5 months I’ll be back down below my 18:30 PB set over 6 years ago.

Don’t believe the people who say your age is the main limiting factor. It isn’t. Your diet may be though.

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