Most of my clients are trying to get into shape for a big event such as a wedding, a summer holiday or Christmas outfit.

They can’t bear the thought of not being able to fit into that dress or suit. This is understandable because looking good is a real boost to your confidence.

‘Please sort my muffin top/moobs” is the number 1 request I get right now.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get organised

    Weight loss is all about being organised. You need a plan of what you are going
    to eat and when. Some top sports people I know, plan exactly what they are
    going to eat 365 days of the year. This may sound extreme but the principle
    is that it is one less variable to worry about.

    If you get into a weekly routine it becomes so much easier to plan your
    food. It may seem boring but this is the only way to get into shape.

    Make sure you stick to the exercise plan each week with or without, your

    If you struggle motivating yourself to do this get a trainer who will help

  2. Get yourself a trainer that shares your values

    There are lots of great PT’s out there but do they share your values? What
    matters to you?

    Are you the kind of person who needs an arm round your shoulders when you
    train or a bit of a kick up the backside to get you motivated? Finding the
    right trainer who doesn’t switch off when your PT session is done is

    F1 and Sky cycling teams go to the nth degree to make sure their athletes
    are in the best possible shape (mentally and physically). You may pay a
    premium for this service but overall, you’ll get the right result rather
    than a big PT bill and no discernible result at the end.

    Does your trainer really care about you or sit on their mobile
    disinterested whilst you are training hard? Believe me, I’ve seen it happen!

  3. Be selfish…..

    Learn about priorities. Being healthy is surely everybody’s number one priority
    but surprisingly, most people find excuses to put everything else above it.

    ‘It’s my birthday and my friends will laugh at me if I don’t have 10 pints”
    “I’m being taken out for a meal and if I don’t eat steak, chips and a
    massive ice cream sundae, they’ll think I’m ungrateful”

    These can all happen when you are in shape but unfortunately, if you keep
    doing them whilst getting fit, it simply won’t happen….

    Put yourself first and be ruthless in achieving your goal. It’s your life –
    nobody else’s…..

Darren Pyefinch PT has helped many clients get into the best shape and to
have a sustainable programme of optimum health whilst still allowing them
to live life to the full. Booze, kebabs and chocolate don’t have to be the
enemy. We train you to incorporate them safely into your life so that you
can enjoy this transformation without becoming a monk!

Give me a call on 07872 615882 or go to Darren Pyefinch PT if you want a coach who will go the extra mile to help you achieve what YOU want.