October is a great time to look at your plan for next year. What do you want to achieve?

A marathon, a faster 10k?

To get the consistent training you need to do 3 types of runs in your week.

Last time we covered your 1st key run of the week: interval training

The 2nd out of 3 types of runs is your long run.

This time of year do 80% of your running in this format.

Here’s one I did earlier today to illustrate what you need to do. When I ran this it felt really slow.

  1. Work out your max heart rate (MHR) – see last post I did for this method.
  2. Work out 55-70% of your MHR. My MHR is 185 so my range is 101-130.
  3.  Start running and stay within this HR zone. It’s gonna feel so slow – don’t worry this is normal. Don’t be tempted to go slightly faster. This is called the junk miles zone and you will access a different energy system. You want to stay in the aerobic zone. This builds your ‘diesel engine’ so next year you can run and run and run.
  4. Do one of these a week building up 10 mins a week. Don’t miss this. I used to a lot and it held back my training so don’t do it…
  5. Enjoy the run and golden leaves. Practice breathing in for 4 and out for 7  every 10 minutes. It clears your mind and allows you to access the Alpha state (flow state). This mythical state is where everything feels effortless. You can, with time, access this on demand. The Beta state is where you are thinking about the ‘problems’ in your life.


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