Hi again, last time I gave some tips on how to get a faster 5k time.

Since posting that, I’ve started training as a Bulletproof coach. This is a program designed to help you achieve your goals, feel your best and perform at your best. I’ve learned some great tips to get you even faster.

1.  Presence

Your head has got to be in the right space when running. Everyone finds themselves thinking about work, family, friends, “it’s too hot, I haven’t trained enough” etc. This is all ‘noise’ and needs to be ignored.

Find a quiet place before your run. Take a couple of minutes and try this exercise, it really works.  Place your attention on your heart or stomach. Put your hand there and take a deep breath in for 4 secs and then a long breath out for 7 secs. Repeat this 2 or 3 times.  Focus on why you are running this race and imagine what feelings you’ll have when you get a personal best.

Imagine brilliant white light coming in making you feel invincible and the dark black smoke breathing out getting rid of any negativity. Sound a bit hippy-ish but who cares when it works eh!

You should feel a stillness with no more silly distractions.

2. Supplement Enhancement

The best supplement you can take, in my experience, is caffeine. I recommend having a Bulletproof Coffee or SIS/Nuun caffeine tablet 15 minutes before your race.  This will give you a 10% performance lift.

3. Running Shoes

There is a lot of debate on what is right or wrong, padded or not, but in my experience, this is what worked.

I used to train in heavily padded trainers from sports shops.  This led me to injuries and slow times. I decided to buy some Newton Distance Racer shoes and my 5k time went down by 30 secs overnight. This was on a course in Derby I’d done lots of times before so couldn’t put it down to the placebo effect. There are lots of brands such as Mizuno and Asics that do similar racing shoes with minimal clearance. Go to a specialist running shop and ask for racing flats. This is course-dependant though so no good if you are doing trail racing or cross country. For those, you need different footwear but to be honest you don’t do those races for the PB anyway!!

4. Breathing

Here’s a scenario that used to happen to me a lot. I’d be running a 5k and after 3k my breathing started to restrict and I felt like I had to slow down. I spent a lot of time analysing why this was happening and eventually I found out I had EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma)

Went to the docs and they confirmed after a certain amount of exercise my breathing did indeed restrict. They prescribed me a blue inhaler and now my breathing is absolutely fine.

This hack allowed me to get to my fastest times ever. I’m not a doc so always consult your doctor before using an inhaler.

5. Pacing

This is the most important part of running discipline that will get your times down. A lot of runners run on feel when they start without pacing. This leads to a typical run of fast first 2 k then slower 3rd k followed by dying on 4th and 5th k probably with a few ego sprints thrown in for good measure.

What’s an ego sprint?? This is where you attempt to race someone during your run for no good reason other than they are front of you. Great for the ego but a complete waste of time and energy.

Your goal in a 5k is to use a consistent amount of energy with no spikes. This rule applies in cycling, swimming, and all endurance sports.

Get yourself a pacing app or better still a Garmin/Suunto running watch with a pacing timer on it.

Go to my favourite pacing site: Cool Running

Here you put your desired time in and it gives you the min per km pace you need.

Imagine you are aiming for 28 mins. This means you have to run 5:36 for every km. A pacing watch will beep when you are running too fast or slow until you stay in the right zone. The start of your run will feel mega slow but stick to it and you will batter your time!

6. Get a coach

I learned from the best and now I’m ready to pass on my knowledge to people who are struggling to progress. I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, GB Age Group triathlete and Bulletproof Coach in training. This unique view gives so much more value for your money and insight.

Give me a call on 07872 615882 or book my time on my new website Darren Pyefinch I’ve got so many hacks to get your time down.

See you next time.