Nutrition Coaching in Milton Keynes

Friendly | Effective | Affordable

Have you any idea how much is spent in the UK every year on diet fads and programmes?
A mind-boggling £2 billion*.
And in the USA? Well – try multiplying that by nearly 20!

And do you know the average number of days that people stick to their latest diet plan?
19 days*.

These stats are a shame – casting a shadow over the diet and nutrition industry. So many people are being sold so many nutrition programmes that simply aren’t right for them or … that simply don’t work for anyone!

Is this you?

Do you constantly crave the wrong foods?
Have you spent a fortune on different diets but just can’t keep the weight off?
Do you feel forever tired and lethargic?
Are you struggling with OCD, ADHD or anxiety?
Have you tried a‘balanced diet’, but it didn’t work for you?

If this answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re not alone.

Millions of people across the world suffer in the same way. It’s hardly surprising. The fashion industry, along with celebrity culture,is forever telling us how we must look.

The good news?  I can help. Together, we’ll use a bespoke nutrition programme that will have you healthier and happier – for good!

What’s the best nutrition programme?

Time and again, nutrition coaches claim to have all the answers –
“You must follow a balanced diet”
“Keto is the best – it works for everyone!”
“Go vegan – it cures all of your problems and makes you skinny!”
“Eat less and exercise more!”

The pressure is intense and can lead to terrible unhappiness.

It’s all so sad and so unnecessary.

Nutrition coaching that works

Ask Bruce … and Matt … and Sam … and Joanne

My goal is simple – to use a combination of optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health and your emotional wellbeing.
In short – to live your best life ever!
I’ve helped hundreds of people to get their energy back, tolook good in the mirror again and tofeel happy.

This was the experience of just a handful of them –

  • Bruce lost 14kg of fat and now looks great.
  • Matt was an ex-rugby player who got injured. He has now lost 21kg
  • Sam cleared up skin conditions and lost 8kg of fat
  • Joanne lost 9kg and can see her abs

Happy eating

Yes – eating well really can be a happy experience. I’ll help you to eat healthily while maintaining a busy lifestyle. We’ll work together, combining nutritional science with motivational coaching to transform your health and your weight.

I’ll support you all the way with nutritional guidance, helping you make healthier food choices. You’ll learn new ways to reduce cut down those cravings and change your emotional eating behaviours. I’ll help you too with weekly menu planning and personalised recipes to inspire you to make simple changes.

Nutrition programmes in Milton Keynes … or across the globe!

Do you live in the Milton Keynes? Great – we can have one-on-one sessions. Do you live further afield? No problem. Wherever you are, we’ll work together online. Using Zoom, our online nutrition coaching will help you get into shape in no time – sending your energy soaring, leaving you looking good and feeling great!

We’ll achieve this using the evidence of solid science, rather than mindless trial and error.We’ll test in real-time which foods agree with you and which ones don’t.

Friendly | Effective | Affordable

You’ll find that working with me is enjoyable. I understand the psychology of food and what makes people adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. I understand the pressures that we’re all under to look a certain way. Believe me – I’ve been there! Read my story.

In the long run, working with me will cost you less, get you there quicker and, most important, my nutrition programmes are sustainable.Stick with me and you’ll stick with the plan!

If you like, we can combine your Nutrition Coaching with

Running Coaching and/or a Weight Loss Programme

Let’s talk nutrition

There’s no better time to turn your approach to food and diets around.

In a matter of a week or two, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference.

Just imagine how good that will be!

So – get in touch. Let’s talk about how you’re feeling now and where you want to get to.

*British Heart Foundation