Top three tips to hit YOUR right weight…

I’m not your typical personal trainer … I’ve made every mistake in the book!

As an adult, my weight has fluctuated between 12 and 16.5 stones (78-105 kg).

Here is a brief history…

2007 for 12 months

Boxed 4 times a week – went down from 16.5 stones to 14.5 stones – diet all over the place – felt terrible mentally but physically started looking muscled. Started Slimming World.


Started running up to 40 miles per week and cycling up to 100  miles and usually a 10k at the weekend. Dropped to 13.5 stones but mentally still up and down lots.

2009 -2012

Started triathlons – went down to 12.5 stones for a week before I qualified for World Triathlon champs in 2012. Massive mood swings.


Weight fluctuated between 13 and 14 stones despite regularly doing up to 10 hours a week triathlon training. Joints aching, walking like tin-man off Wizard of OZ. Mega mood swings.

Qualified for two European Championships and 1 Worlds.


Discovered ketosis. Weight dropped to 13.5 stones within 2 months. Mood swings still there. Still had some food cravings.


Discovered Bulletproof. Weight dropped to 13 stones and more importantly body fat to 17%.

Mentally felt 10/10 consistently. Cravings evaporated. Weight controlled for the first time in my life. Running times coming close to previous bests set back in 2010.  Zest for life gone through the roof!

Mood swings lifted

Helping clients of mine to do the same – some dropping 3 stones and finally changing their body and mind.

Became a Bulletproof coach in training so I can help people really live again.


Tip 1:

Everyone is built differently. One diet may work for someone but another not. Your body may simply not work well despite weight loss on some diets. Anyone telling moderation is the best approach doesn’t understand your individual circumstances. Giving you a 1/3 plate of bread/pasta/rice a day as prescribed by the NHS works for some people but is simply toxic to others.

Going into an exercise plan set by your gym/PT may not work for you because your body is fighting against it despite noticeable short-term gains such as weight loss and muscle gain.

You need to get a holistic view of your body and how it really works.

I have learned the hard way and I’m still learning how to help myself and my clients get to their perfect self.

Tip 2:

Start asking your doctor for baseline figures around your health. Get a fasted blood test that includes HDL, LDL and Triglycerides. Ask them for the numbers.

Get a testosterone test – this applies to both men and women.

Tip 3:

Get a gut sample test done –  you need to know what pathogens are in there affecting your health.

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